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We are a full service jewelry store

we design and make most of what we sell

we also Restore, Repair, Jewelry and Watches,

Appraisals, Sizing, Restringing, Engraving, Setting, Gold and Rhodium Plating, Polishing,

We Buy Gold, Silver, Silverware, Servers, Platinum, Diamonds and Watches

Designer and jeweler John Armak,

has been a jeweler for over forty years and serving our customers  twenty seven years on same location

we make most of jewelry we sell and buy direct.

never from a second or third party salesmen to save our costumers as much we can

In our business world trust is the most important thing you can offer

we have been serving our neighbors and friends and their referrals  for many many years without any mishaps or dishonesty

we thrive on satisfaction all times period

we are fair and honest and stand behind what we make

and save you money by making it ourselves without paying middleman's mark up like most jewelry  online or brick and mortar stores do


diamond earrings
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